Tuesday, 16 July 2013

We're having a Giveaway!

Just a quickie!

We are approaching the 1K mark with followers on instagram.

To say thanks to all current followers and to encourage new friends, we are running a giveaway competition. 

When we reach 1000 followers we will pick a winner at random from the participants. If you are on instagram give it a go! If not, why not join? Instagram is our favourite way to make friends and influence people out there on the web. It is a great way to meet like minds.

Anna x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Back in Business!

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick message to say that after a messy house move and months of sorting out the craft room is functioning and I spent the weekend making and listing lots of goodies in the shop.

It was great getting back to making jewellery and charms. There are some really cute little crochet stitch markers and I will be adding some more sets later too so keep an eye out.

There will be more to say about the creation of my crafty space in the new house soon, and I will post some photos of my first furniture painting project (which turned out really well!)

In the meantime, carry on crafting everyone!

Anna x