Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Treasure Baskets and some new things in the pipeline...

We're steering in a slightly different direction for this week's Thrifty Thursday and in some parts a more personal one. Today's post will be focussed on the small people. Yes, kiddies!

The purple bird became a mother last year for the first time and has sadly "sniff," just returned to the rather boring world of work. When she was enjoying her lovely, all too short maternity leave, her Thursday afternoons were spent at the local Treasure Baskets group.

Treasure Baskets is for babies who can sit up but aren't quite at the crawling stage. The groups, in our experience, usually last just under an hour and are held weekly.

Each session involves a bunch of babies sitting on the floor, with their parent behind them, and some baskets full of treasures infront. The baskets do not have your typical baby toys in, quite the opposite, but that doesn't matter when you're 6 months old! Inside the baskets are wonderful objects with exciting shapes and textures, and some that make funny noises.
More information on Treasure Baskets can be found on the links at the bottom of the post

Sadly the group is now finished but it was great fun watching all the babies (sometimes literally) dive into the baskets and exploring all the items inside them.

As the little chick enjoyed it so much, purple bird decided to make her own treasure basket for home. At first she was a bit stuck for ideas, but after a bit of a search online and remembering what sort of things were in the baskets at the group, the ideas soon started flowing!

The finished article looks like this:

The little chick's treasure basket contains:
Scourer, old mobile phone, bells, body mop, honey stirrer, natural sponge, toothbrush, plastic tub with couscous inside (sealed with lots of sellotape!)

The basket cost next to nothing to put together as nearly all the items included were pilfered from around the home. So you can be very thrifty and not have to spend any money at all but still create a trove of wonder for your little one!

Whilst we're on the subject of kids, we've been thinking up some new ideas for things we could sell in our Etsy shop, that you could buy for your youngsters.

Here's what we've come up with so far...
- Baby headbands - see picture below.
- Young children's crochet jewellery  - no metal used at all, all cotton yarn and buttons, so completely washable!
- Toys - soft animals, balls and cubes for babies.
- Playroom bunting.

The little chick in her pretty flower headband!

We'd love to hear what you think about our ideas, and also if you have made a treasure basket for your baby, what did it include?

More information on Treasure Baskets:
About - Little Acorns site
About - NetMums site
How to make a treasure basket
More ideas and some safety tips *please read!*

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