Friday, 21 December 2012


Well we spent ages updating our blog and making it really pretty for you to see when you visit, and then ran out of steam when it came to writing a post! Sorry about that everyone!

We haven't done much pinning for a while either so I sat down and started searching for a few of the things which have piqued my interest over the last few months...

I love the colours on this one!

I have been looking for some cowl patterns to crochet and started one, but am not sure of how it is looking. So one of my searches was on crochet cowls and I added a few of these to our crochet board.

OMG how cute!

I then remembered that yarn bombing was coming up a lot recently and I have been given permission by my boyfriend Mr D to yarn bomb his big office chair! I now need to work out how to do it and what colours I want to use etc. and so far I haven't got a clue! So... I have started a yarn bombing board on pinterest and will be doing a bit of googling on techniques.

Making trees even more beautiful! Who would have thought it could be done!
This is the kind of thing I want to do to my office chair!

Whilst I was looking at yarn bombing I found a few links to Freeform Crochet images. These things can be amazing! I really want to learn how to do this now too! Maybe I will try a flowery cushion cover or something. I think a few youtube tutorials may be a good idea on this before I get started!

Towards the end of my pottering around on the web I stumbled across this GLORIOUS ta-dah! project unveiling on Memerose's blog. It is so beautiful. Oh no! I feel another blanket coming on and I still have two to finish! Must be strong! I did a bit of digging and the pattern for the tiny hexagons (only two rounds) is on BunnyMummy's blog and is really well photographed at all stages. Very tempting!

memerose's masterpiece!
So now I am bursting with inspiration but find myself running short of evening with which to put it into practice! Ah well it is the weekend now and then Christmas! I am a lucky thing and have the middle days off too so I am sure to find time for a bit of hooky!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and have lots of crafty times! Us birds will be back with some snapshots of our Christmas makes and hopefully our lovely festive dinners from the big day! As if you wont all have seen enough of that kind of thing by then!

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