Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fame at Last!

I have a some exciting news to share with you all! We have been featured in issue2 of Simply Crochet Magazine! It is only a tiny article but we are thrilled!

The best bit is that I would never have known if I hadn't heard about it through the Instagram grapevine!

On spending a few moments thumbing through the old Instagram feed last week I noticed that we had been tagged in a post by a lovely lady who upon having seen a mention of us in her subscription copy of Simply Crochet, had posted a picture to let us know. Thank you so much for that Chelle! I haven't posted your username here just in case you don't want it published, but let me know if you would like me to. Without you we would never have seen it!

Well of course I had to rush out and buy the magazine to keep for posterity but I was thwarted in this as they wouldn't hit the news stands for another week! I could hardly wait but on Sunday, the first chance I had, I raced down to WHSmiths and there it was at last!

And here is our bit with a lovely picture of one of our crochet stitch marker bracelets. That one has since sold but we have made lots more and they are all waiting on Etsy for happy new homes! There are also stitch marker sets available without the bracelet for those of you who just want to keep some pretty markers in your crochet kits.

I will also say that although I bought this magazine to look at our part of it, I am now a convert! It has beautifully designed pages full of lovely articles, up to date patterns and useful tips and information. All appropriate to the season and on trend. No fusty old crochet here! I now can't wait to see the next issue and am considering subscribing. I haven't seen a crochet magazine to beat this one as long as I can remember and highly recommend it to any hooky enthusiast!

Here are some of the items we have recently listed on Etsy since the article was published, for any of you looking for a preview. There are more in the shop if you want to visit.

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