Saturday, 9 June 2012

Making Crochet while the Sun Doesn't Shine!

Hello everybody!

We have been a little quiet for the last few weeks as you will have seen. This is in part due to the purple bird's return to work after her super lovely maternity leave. Because of this and a decision to spend more time making things rather than writing about what we want to make, we have chosen to limit our posts to more sporadic stories of what we have been doing over a period of time. This should mean that they will make better and more colourful reading, and that we are not bombarding you all with every thought running through our heads. After all we have Twitter for that!

So, what have we been up to since we last wrote?

First of all you may remember a few weeks back we ran a competition to win one of our bunting necklaces. We announced the winner on Instagram and Twitter and are pleased to say she received her necklace just in time for the Jubilee celebrations at the weekend. God bless Royal Mail who managed a next day delivery!

We have been making and experimenting lots over the last few weeks. Here some of our creations below. You may have seen a few snapshots if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Some have been added to our Etsy shop today and more will be added soon. The photographing process is more time consuming than we would have thought but once we get used to it I think we will get things clearer and quicker.

Love Heart Doily
Scrumptious Scrubbies!
Sold in packs of 4
Rainbow Hearts...
Lots of Jewellery and Accessories for our Etsy Shop!

No need to add anything further here really is there! We are running this offer until further notice. Take a look and see if there is anything you fancy.

The pink bird has had this week off work. Today is her last day of official holiday (Boohoo!) and she has been trying to make it count with more making and some time to update a few things online. In a way all this bad weather has been good from a crafting point of view but our tans are fading and tempers fraying. Hopefully the sun will come out in time for us to go back to work next week!

We were recently asked by a friend to make a raffle prize for an outdoor playgroup that she is involved in. The playgroup is run in Ivybridge, Devon and encourages kids to have fun outdoors whatever the weather! They had a coffee morning on Thursday which we are pleased to say went really well and they managed to raise a total just short of £400 which is brilliant! If you're local and fancy attending, their first group is on the 25th of June. You can find more information here -
Also, the purple bird bought some raffle tickets and won a Build-A-Bear voucher which she is very much looking forward to spending with her little chick! :-D

Just before all the rain we managed a few outdoor activities. First of all there was a lovely walk with a group of friends at Becky falls in South Devon. It is so beautiful there and we took a few snaps to show you here.

Babbling Brooks
Slightly concerned looking little chick!
Pretty Pathways

Pretty pink flowers...

...and yellow ones!

A beautiful end to the walk
it was all too much for little chick!

We also snuck in some gardening at the Purple Bird's nest as her lawn had gotten a little out of hand and needed some serious strimming! Mr Pink Bird came too and did all the hard work whilst we entertained the little chick and then planted some pretty flowers. That is our favourite kind of gardening. There should be some pictures of this coming on Instagram once the flowers settle into their new pots.

There was lots going on around our towns for the Jubilee and we attended a few places and watched lots of Royalty TV. We have topped up our patriocity full to the brim now so that should hold us for a few more years!

Well that's everything we have been doing recently. Well, the parts you might be interested in anyway! There was more but we thought you could do without hearing about things like putting up shelves and hanging pictures etc! We're off to bake a cake now... Lemon Drizzle - of course! What else?!


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