Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crochet Critters!

Hi Everyone!

For the last week or so we have been busy experiencing the world of Amigurumi! The pink bird has her young relatives coming to visit soon and realised she hadn't made them many presents yet! So here are a few things we have tried...

Meet Poppy the little Amigurumi Doll...

She is really cute and cuddly with black button eyes and a little pink handbag!

And here she is being chased by a little green monster!...

goodness me! This is a scary looking chap! And now our friends all like him so much they have asked for their own. He now has a little red brother...

We are now also working on a blue one for Mr Pink bird who wanted his own little guy!

These little critters seem to be popular so there will be some appearing in our Etsy shop soon in an array of colours!

If you have been making any amigurumi creatures let us know! There are lots of patterns out there and once you get a bit more comfortable you can try your own versions.

Lots of love,

TBC xx

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