Monday, 19 August 2013

Pattern Designing

This is my first go at writing a proper pattern. I took a lot of time over it and have worked with the design of the PDF to make it pretty - I hope you all agree!

I decided to write this pattern for simple little booties after having not quite found any that I was perfectly happy with. I wanted them to work up quickly and easily, without separate parts which have to be stitched together so that they can be crocheted with colour changes all the way to the end.

Gumdrop booties are designed for teeny tiny babies aged 0-3 months and they make me go "Awwww" every time I look at them! I named them for the little drop shape the opening at the top makes. They work really well for both boys and for girls and are really easy to work up without lots of complicated stitches. They only tricky stitch has been written out in a really detailed way and it is a lot easier than you would first think.

Here is the first page of instructions as a little taster of the layout. It is the first page of instructions so you could test them out to make sure you get on with the layout and style.

I have given it lots of space and images as it is a digital download so there is no need to worry about paper and ink. I also thought that patterns written with comma separated instructions are easy to get lost with when you are looking back and forth from your work. I have gone instead for numbered instructions for each step of each round. As space is not a concern I thought I might aswell!

I would really welcome any feedback you would like to offer about this pattern. Layout, design, instructions etc. The pattern is just £1 from my Etsy shop. I am running this like a test. There are lots more ideas brewing and I would like to create a series of patterns but the design process is time consuming so lets see how this goes first.

Happy hooking everyone!

Anna x

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