Sunday, 8 September 2013

Welcome to Dotty Doily!

Many of you already know me under the name of 'Two Birds Craft'. I started my crafting and blogging journey with that name along with a second bird. Unfortunately the second bird has now flown the nest! Starting a family, going back to work part time and other commitments just don't leave her with enough time remaining to squeeze in a bit of craft. As this will be the case for a good while I felt I needed to change the name to something which was a bit more on the singular side and something which would sum me up as an individual a bit more. Thus 'Dotty Doily' was born!

I am Dotty about crafting and in particular crochet. Doilies are crocheted in the main so I thought this would be a nice, succinct way of putting it!

It remains to be said that if ever my crafty friend flies back and wants to resume her activities, I will of course welcome her back with open wings, but for now I am a solo act.

I hope to be posting more regularly in the future. My lovely man Mr D is going to be working away during the weekdays so I will be filling the lonely nights with design, craft and blogging! In addition I am teaching a few others to crochet so if I come up with any good tips for beginners or tutorials which are useful I will add and link these in a new section. There is also hope that enough people locally will be interested in a regular craft group so fingers crossed as I think that would be fun!

Content will progress in a similar way; things I have been trying out, ta-dah's, highlights of other blogs, books or forums I am loving, tutorials, patterns and tips etc. I will expand and organise this as I progress but for now, bear with me!

My main progress reports are through my instagram feed. My username there is @dottydoily and this will just be changed over from the @twobirdscraft name so my feed should show the same images etc.

Don't forget to drop into my shop from time to time - 'Dotty Doily Handmade' on Etsy. I add all sorts of things here and as I am now experimenting with patterns etc, I will be adding some of these for sale for nominal amounts. Other patterns will be free on this blog. The rest of my items at the moment tend to be jewellery and cute little stitch markers for crocheters.

I look forward to any feedback you might have for me on the new theme and any suggestions of things you would like me to cover in my posts. I usually have something to say but I am always open to comments!

Anna x

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