Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Neon Chevron Cushion is here!

I actually finished this a little while ago but didn't a moment to photograph it! I have been snapping away tonight so I can show you the finished cushion I made using the chevron pattern I wrote earlier in the month. Well, here it is!

The huge brightness of this cushion makes me grin every time it catches my eye - which it seems to be able to do even from behind a closed door, so vivid are the man made, graphic hues!

When I wrote the pattern I did not make instructions for how to make the back, mainly as I had not decided what to do back then. After much hemming and hawing and looking at this fabric and that yarn, I decided to crochet a great swathe of white trebbles with a smaller swathe for the closing flap.

I stitched on some cute little buttons I found in this great little independent shop and then single crocheted it all into place, creating a piped looking edge at the same time. I am very proud of myself for spending all that time sticking to just plain white. It is hard for me when surrounded by lots of other colourful yarn all the time to just leave it on the shelves!

Cushion is in Dorothy's loving embrace for now but I really need to bring her up to date with a nice crochet cover. She is looking dowdy in comparison to the gaudy colours of my 'psychotic rainbow' colour scheme everywhere else! Yet another project to get started on. It will have to wait now as I need to get into Christmas gift production mode!

I hope you liked seeing my neon cushion. If you want to make one yourself or even a chevron blanket, my free pattern is here.

Happy hooking,


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