Sunday, 1 June 2014

Beginner Crochet

This area is strictly for newbie crocheters looking to pick up a hook for the first time or those who know the basics and want to add some new stitches to their repertoire. I aim to build a library of photo tutorials and possibly video instructions (if I work out how to set up the tech), working through from that first slip knot and endless string of chains (which you will not be able to stop making once it clicks!) to all the usual stitch suspects and the different ways of working crochet. I will add in some information about yarn weights and hook sizes along with anything else I can think of that I had to go and hunt down somewhere on the internet when I was a beginner crocheter.

There is a TON of information available to anyone learning to crochet these days, with youtube videos and blog tutorials aplenty, there is hardly cause for me to reinvent the wheel here! And yet I feel the urge to give something back.

Here are some of the great blogs and resources I found inspiration and instructions from when I started out crocheting...

Attic24 - My first project was Lucy's Summer Garden Granny Square

Crochet Geek - All kinds of crochet tutorials with clear instructions

the Purl Bee - Great patterns and tutorials for crochet and more

Annaboos House - Cute, quirky and original patterns with clear photos and instructions

I started my crochet journey with a video here and a tutorial there, all available for free thanks to the hours of time given up by crochet guru's the world over who have blogged and recorded all their tips and tricks to help me and many others get to grips with a new craft. However, I Googled and Pinterested my way around the web to find each piece of relevant information I needed in a way which suited my style of learning so my hope is to create a cohesive source for beginners, free of charge and easily accessible right here on my blog, to save all that searching. I will include links to other brilliant bloggers and free patterns which I benefitted from in my early days as well as my own content, because part of the fun of learning is reading about different methods and tips which will vary between people.

Your comments are always invaluable to me - if I start putting stuff out here and it isn't helping at all - let me know! Or if you are just confused by one step or your work isn't turning out the same as the picture I show, get in touch! I will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible. It will take a while for me to build up this collection of information so bear with me and please ask if you are looking for a tutorial I haven't written yet - I will point you in the right direction if I can.

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